Nice job ad!

Nice job ad!

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And to follow on from my last post, this - good article on how to write your CV, what types of words to use to give it more dynamism, to make it more achievement focused


The Best Resume Formats for the Job you Want: Is There Really a “Right” Way?


In today’s job market, it’s essential to pull out all the stops to…

"I quit my job last week at the helium factory. I just didn’t like being spoken to in that tone of voice."

Well it made me laugh! Originally posted on the Undercover Recruiter blog site


Great article, definitely worth following the link on this


Maria Popova, Brain Pickings

Every.damn.word. What a great article. The book is now at the top of my to-read pile.

To my mind, the world would be a much pleasanter and more civilized place to live in, if everyone resolved to pursue whatever is closest to his heart’s desire. We would be more creative and our productivity would be vastly increased.

Altogether too much emphasis, I think, is being placed on what we ought to do, rather than what we want to do.


Pretty obvious really, but worth repeating

A haiku for a Monday morning!

A haiku for a Monday morning!


Good solid interview preparation stuff - worth a read.

Maybe some of it’s unfair, maybe employers shouldn’t make a decision in the first 3 minutes of an interview and cut some slack (as one commentator states). Typical HR stuff? maybe, but in reality if you get these aspects right it will make a difference to your chances of success - and there will be at least one other candidate who won’t do this.

As an example, a long time ago I went for an interview at an office equipment sales company. I was far less experienced than other candidates, but I was, apparently, the only one who phoned up before and asked for some brochures (this was before the internet!), something the receptionist recalled when I turned up on the day. This made a big difference to my application.

Any comments welcomed


Today is a…

Hate my job kind of day.

What kind of candidate accepts an offer at one job and then rejects a final interview at another which is happening the next day, despite telling the recruiter (me) that the second opportunity was far and away the one he was most excited by? The written contract wouldn’t have been with him until next week.

That’s November’s target up the swanny. Of course he may still have taken the other option - as he said to me ’ they sold it well’ (well of course they bloody well did - what do you think they’d say? Don’t work here, the career prospects are shit and you’ll be burnt out in six months!)

Most people just don’t understand the emotional rollercoaster and deep frustration of working in recruitment. Spare me the illogical acts of candidates and, less often, clients - or of course the constant bullshit and lies of certain candidates and certain clients - whilst I may be being unfair, clearly despite what he had told me on numerous occasions, the opportunity I was recruiting for obviously wasn’t my candidate’s preferred choice and he’s made me look like an idiot with my client, because I have been feeding his comments back to them after the first interview - recruitment is after all a two way sales process and I’ve got to try and keep both parties engaged. The irritating part of this is that I set up the final interview two days ago when the candidate was still adamant that even if he got an offer elsewhere he would go to the second interview with my client, because this was the job he really wanted…still, at least he had the decency to phone…

I had another candidate who decided not to take up a job offer recently (fair enough) and decided the most professional way of doing this was by sending me an email 11 hours before he was due to start. Four weeks later he was on the phone because he realised he’d made a mistake, and would they still employ him? Oh, but he’d like an extra £2k as well! I dropped him from the process after that request.

Think positive thoughts, think positive thoughts, think positive thoughts, no I can’t, I’m off home…bloody recruitment!!! pah!



from New Grad Life

Like many, though not all, of these suggestions (I’m not convinced about cold-calling specifically to get a job, unless you are working in an area such as sales where this would be part of your day to day routine, but maybe it will work, similarly with asking referees to call on your behalf, unless of course they already know the hiring person well), however, trying new and different approaches will make you stand out against the vast mass of other candidates, and are definitely worth exploring. Find out what works for you.

Good luck!

"You don’t need to be defined by your job."

Al Yankovic

Absolutely. I’ve done this myself for years, defined myself by my job.  If that’s the most important thing in your life, then fine. But really? Isn’t there more to you than that - better, bigger things in life than what you do to make a living? 

It’s your choice - to define yourself by what is important to you, not by someone else’s definition of how you should be defined, or by society’s perception of what ‘success’ looks like.