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This is a good, straightforward post - some interesting comments as well


Good article by Lou Adler (who is worth following BTW) on some of the ways you can clarify strong candidates. I use them, as do other recruiters I know.

If you’re a candidate, maybe you should reflect on this with regards what is prioritised on your CV?

Good luck!


What Sherlock teaches us…part 4


Following on from my other posts this week, another thing Sherlock teaches us is to absorb and learn information that is of use, and avoid remembering stuff that isn’t

Our brain’s capacity for information is not limitless, therefore we should in theory only store information that will be useful. This is what Sherlock does. Of course everyone’s views on what is and isn’t useful will be different, but perhaps it’s worth thinking about the stuff that goes in and asking yourself how useful this will be in the future.

There are plenty of articles and books out there on ways to develop your memory and focus on remembering only what is important, (I’m not going to go into it here as I’m still learning myself!).

I guess the brain is a part of the body like any other - we train our muscles for a marathon so perhaps we should train our brains to be more efficient.

Anyway, at some point in the future I’ll probably post some suggestions on improving memory - definitely relevant for career situations - I’ve had a number of interviews where I’ve forgotten things that were really important only to remember them in the car afterwards!

Good luck if you decide to try this for yourself - let me know how it goes


Some pretty good ones here, though I’m sure there are funnier stories out there